Why Us


Plan & Align goals as per Customer demands
Introduce Innovative technology platforms to the latest IT trends
Enhance the Customer’s decision making process by providing accurate Information to drive topline
Help customers Streamline operations by optimizing processes to increase productivity, efficiency and reduce /cost
Cost Reduction
Unify Multiple platforms to simplify processes
Support & Maintain
Develop & Control efficient change management process


Advantages of ePMS – ERP are in multiple folds across many areas comparing that of your current system. Designed for rapid time to benefit and low total cost of ownership the software is built using the latest and the best technologies, ePMS – ERP can meet your unique and changing business needs. Following are some of the overall benefits that come into your way using ePMS – ERP.

Single User Interface
Seamless Integration
Role Based Profiling
Easy to Use & Manage
Easy to View Info
Responsive Design
User Friendly
Various Reports
Easy Analysis
Easy Sharing
Periodic Update

Return on Investment (ROI) through ePMS :

Another fundamental area that distinguishes ePMS from others is its ability to paying you back both tangibly and intangibly. This happens through a combination of various areas as mentioned below-

  • Reduced Cost – Our solutions drive efficiencies into processes and thus lower costs and working capital
  • Quick Implementation – Can be implemented in record time compared with other ERP solutions
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Following are the areas, which keep your ongoing investment as low as possible
  • MS SQL server – MS SQL server is known for its simplicity to manage which does not require expensive resources to administer the same.
  • Leverage on your existing skills – Use your existing skills on Microsoft technologies. No additional cost there
  • Easy customizations – EPMS customizations are generally quick and easy to learn.
  • No hidden expenses – As long as you are on the enhancement program there are no other hidden costs that may come into your way. Enhancement program will keep your solutions up to date with the latest technologies and functionalities.

Major Business Challenges overcome by EPMS

Following are some of the challenges overcome by ePMS which relates to business and technology. These are the issues faced at different employee level right from the user level to the management level. Our solution is designed to address all these aspects to provide a fully connected, easy to use and stable business system environment.

  • Insight into sales people performance and status of actual sales Vs target sales at any given point
  • Effective customer analysis such as buying pattern, most/ least profitable customers and products, likes and dislikes etc
  • Ability to up sell & repeat sales to customers
  • Avoid paper work and filing
  • Easy tracking of Contracts / SPA / MOU / Lease agreements
  • To retrieve the required information on a timely manner
  • Ability to incorporate dynamic business rules and Customizations
  • No delays in getting reports due to flexible system which could be an enormous cost to business.
  • Integration with office productivity tools such as Email, Word, Excel etc. Latest technology with more functionality and flexibility Centralized and fully integrated system
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Scalability can grow with the business, multi-locations and easy deployment.

ePMS is a leading provider of
ERP Solutions worldwide.

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Why Us
Advantages of ePMS - Solutions, are in many folds across many areas comparing that of your current system. Designed for rapid time to benefit and low total cost of ownership the software is built using the latest and the best...
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eLinx Infotech is a leading provider of ERP Solutions and real estate software worldwide. Since inception in 2002, it is one of the fastest growing software company with a global presence in US, UK, UAE, KSA, Qatar and India.


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