ePMS HR & Payroll Software

A Solution for Human Resource Department of any company completely integrated. The application features a unique data structure that puts the Human Resource Management process at the heart of the software; making it flexible enough to accommodate virtually all types of Employee details/payroll complications, Leave management very easily and effectively. Human Resource Management easily adapts to unique clauses and calculations in accordance with regional standards. Its built in formula editor allows any type of Payroll calculation very easy.


  • Dynamic Organization Structure
  • Employee Details Management
  • Employee Document Attachment
  • Employee Document Expiry Reports / Reminders
  • Employee History
  • Employee Transfer
  • Employee Training Management
  • Payroll
  • Monthly Allowances and Deductions
  • Pay Slip Generations
  • Bank Transfer Report
  • Time & Attendance Integration
  • Attendance Summary Reports
  • Leave Management Module – Leave Application, Rejoining
  • Real time Leave Calculations
  • End of Service Calculations
  • Provision for Gratuity and Leave Liability Balances, Leave Entitlements and Leave Summary
  • Employee Self Service Module
  • Employee Leave Application and Status
  • Training
  • Employee Payment Slip
  • Compatibility with UAE labour Laws (Pension and Grauity)
  • Multi Location
  • Multi Company
  • Multi User System
  • News and HR Policy Announcement


The fundamental area that distinguishes ePMS from others is its ability to paying you back both tangibly and intangibly. This happens
through a combination of various areas as mentioned below-

Do more in less time
According to the industry research and customer, feedback ERP automation can save employee time up to 40%. Time is money.

Enhanced decision-making power
Speed of getting information to the management means smarter and faster decision at the right time.

Happy customer base
Better able to deliver on commitments as the solution gives better insight of the business to make more profitable decisions

Reduced Cost
Our solutions drive efficiencies into processes and thus lower costs and working capital

Quick Implementation
Can be implemented in record time compared with other ERP solutions